creatives started to leave Boston to pursue brighter futures in cities of opportunity (once known as New York and LA). It caused a burning need for the existing community in town to band together & challenge the status quo to make opportunities for themselves.

We live in a connect age that allows opportunity to transcend walls, city lines, and oceans. Because of this, anyone can be successful anywhere as a creative where their work lives to be accessed 24/7…but that’s not to undervalue physical representation.

Cue The Flee Market.


The Flee Market understands that not everyone can have a store front or open their own gallery. So we take the risk out of popping up somewhere expensive by hosting a monthly event with 80% new vendors each time giving access to new local businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect, collaborate, sell and consume one another’s clothing, art, music and food.

Come visit us at an upcoming Flee, get involved as a vendor, donate to one of our favorite charities, or sponsor TFM to help fuel our growth domestically & internationally to *literally* transcend boundaries.